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Don’t read this alone

Massive latte vein detected under Gunnison

Beans ground by earth’s angry mantel,steamed milk already volcanic by nature brought there by Antioquian high jumpers competing in the Forest and River Summer Extremes in 1979? They chewed before matches. They left casings. The heavy weight of high country snow drove these hearty stone fruit seeds into the soil and lifted them up in the spring. They survived better than could be explained although the vast majority of the crop remains underground, protected by continental shift and the local agri-council.

Sadly, the symbiotic Sugar Cane Ranch and Falls has not fared as well as its kissing cousin. That operation went aground last month. Rumors suggest that the owners snorted the profits and failed to pay schlokholders.

Quiz: Is it proper to say El Sushi or La Sushi? Head roller at Sushi House in Laureles, Medellin, Colombia informs us without question that  it is El Sushi.


Reminder of deadline for Gov offers money back guarantee – all applications in by July 31, 2022. Fees such as taxes, registrations, sin, utilities, tuition, uniforms, loans and even meals on the road can be recovered with simple proof that the payee was never justly compensated etc. FOR MORE ON THIS EXPANDING SOCIAL NET CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN.


Short novel makes cut

Local writer, Elfe Short’s novel “The Slow and the Dead” has been named a

finalist on their Bozo’s Books Short List for Precise Fction.” Here is an excerpt:

A tall man leaves a bar in the middle of the afternoon and while crossing a nearby track is hit by a train.

Actually this is not an excerpt but the entire work. Good luck in the finals Elfe!


Local Hockey Game Rained Out

Tuesday’s ice hockey match between the Green River Birchbellies and the Barbasol Knights has been called on account of rain. This is the first time since 1961 that a hockey game was called due to moisture. While classified as inclement weather, rain is seen as virgin ice and worshiped by tribes in the North Country. A doubleheader has been scheduled for Christmas Eve, 2025..

Oh, and…Chef wanted. Must be capable of working with others. Familiarity with Canadian-American cuisine helpful. Marv’s Hole and Hops Garden, Winnipeg Pioneer Village.