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Snowpack demand in US creates cocaine wars down south

(Miami) The continued demand for cocaine in the US is the overwhelming reason for violence and ecological disaster in Colombia say leading international justice concerns.

Colombians are killing each other to determine who sells coke to the gringos. The only effective war on drugs is legalization, which is not profitable to the politicians in either country. Never mind the coke hounds in the US that effectively destroy their lives to snort the shit.

“People all over the world think we’re narcos,” said one taxi driver in Rio Negro. “We’re not. We’re just trying to survive like anyone else. The desire for the drug in the US and Europe feeds the production monster down here.”

Usage in most South American countries is dwarfed by consumption in “more developed countries. Most travelers will rarely come across the drug in most of Colombia and Ecuador, unless, of corpse, seek it.”

Meanwhile the situation is getting much darker while the nose pigs throw their dollars and Euros at the wretches of society who are becoming quite wealthy and more powerful in the exchange.

-Oral Waters