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Bronco defense requests trade

(The following was penned after the Rams debacle and before a coaching change and a decent performance against the Chiefs).

(Dove Valley) The much beleaguered Denver Bronco defense has requested a trade. The unprecedented petition, delivered en masse Wednesday, did not spell out how the players might be distributed or when the coveted transaction might take place.

Despite a ranking of 5th in team defense, the squad has reportedly grown tired of sharing the sidelines with an offense that rarely moves the ball.

A muffled voice from the Bronco front office suggested that nothing would happen until the end of the current season in January.

“It’s like the offense out there on the field,” he said. “Nothing happens. We ran the ball effectively against Arizona then opened up with passes against the Rams. Who pray tell is writing the script here?”

At present league officials and the players’ union are engaged in tense discussions with one eye on their pocketbooks and the other one on their pocketbooks.

– Syd Fardt