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How the Grinch Stole My Eagle

That Bogey man

That Bogey man

I do not like

that Bogey man.

Do you like doglegs

and sand?

I do not like them

Bogey man.

I do not like dog legs 

and sand.

Would you like a shank 

or slice?

Hit a tree

and pay the price?

I would not like a shank 

or slice.

Hitting trees is not so nice.

I would not like them here or there

I would not like them anywhere

I would do not want a Mulligan

I would not need one, Bogey man.

Would you like them

in the rough

Would you like them

like a duff?

I do not like time in the rough

I do not like that kind of  stuff

I want the ball to hit the green

I do not like the 3-putt scene 

Would you putt it

with a wedge

Would you drive it

through a hedge?

I would not putt it with a wedge

I would not drive it through a hedge

I do not like the fairway span

I do not like you Bogey Man.

Would you, could your 

short game lie

Would you leave a shot 

pin high?

I would not hook

a short game lie

I would not leave a shot 

pin high

I do not like your golfer scam

I do not like you Bogey Man

Would you like a bogey score?

Could you drive then just say “Fore!” 

Would you land a back swing 


Would you like your chicken stick?

I do not want a back swing chip

I do not need a chicken stick.

Would you play out in the rain?

Could you drive without disdain?

I will not play out in the rain

Bogey Man you’re such a pain.

I do not like this Bogey score

I got a par on number four

A birdie would be so much fun

or better yet a hole in one.

                             – Kevin Haley