Rockers Lose Benefits

(Durango) Rock and Rollers who have been eligible for fiscal benefits in accordance with the Musical Chairs Program may find themselves out of luck come April. Groups most seriously effected include those evolving since the Eighties when mainstream music began to overshadow socially conscious movements of the previous decade.

“We are not here to determine the quality of music or censor what should or should not be played,” said Efram Pennywhistle executive coordinator of Musical Chairs. “We’ve just run out of federal funds.”

The status of Christian rockers, elevator music enthusiasts and acid-country fans should remain the same at least through March.  Rock and Rollers who currently receive the $500 monthly stipend may still be in line for retirement packages while those on limited disability, such as punkers and nouveau disco devotees will get nothing.

Rockers from the Fifties and Sixties will continue to receive a stipend for such necessities as guitar strings and drumsticks but only if they can prove they played, or attempted to play, an approved instrument during those years. Lead singers will be judged on an individual basis.   – Rocky Flats

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