Road Kill Employed as Speeding Deterrent

(Tales of the Organic – October 17, 2015)

(Montrose) Herd animals hit by cars on the highways this season will be left where they fell for up to three weeks as a stark reminder aimed at people who drive too fast. The DOW, in cooperation with local authorities, will not only discourage swift cleanup of all road kill, but in some cases may move the carnage to high traffic areas or other strategic spots throughout the region.

“We hope a pile of road kill here and there will prevent a pile of vehicles,” said a state spokesperson.

“Although it sounds like a pretty good idea to me, we deny the whole thing,” said Ranger Sparky Muffinsite who added that if the experimental concept were to be adopted, most activity would have to take place after dark so as to minimize suspicions on the part of an already dubious public.

Utah and New Mexico have already adopted the approach, eyeballed as a radical measure by many outside the sagebrush circle.

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