Opinion Prompter Could Change Political Landscape

from Departed Culture Review – June, 2015

Social scientists and computer techies agree that the days of intelligent political discussion may be over. With the newly released opinion prompter one’s strong beliefs on all subjects is are as close as a click! Now nobody will ever forget his opinion on anything.
There are times when technology needs no introduction. The impact is felt before it hits the marketplace. Pepsi Brothers Opinion Prompter is one of these products. Despite an incredible capacity for data and memory it works like a simple prompter. Just load the machine, categorize subjects according to vehemence or lightheartedness and you’re ready to go.
“How many times have you been engaged in a heavy political discussion with another moron when, just like that, you forget your opinion on a matter. Wow, you could even forget if you had had an opinion at all’” said Jerald Yarmouthe, owner of the Tip-of-the-Tongue Opinion Prompter patent for the Western United States.
“Well worry no more. Now instead of thinking, you just click and your highly detailed opinion on an issue pops up. Every chronicled episode, each unprocessed bite of information, every illogical summary will be right there in your hand,” he stressed.
Yarmouthe said the opinion prompter is guaranteed to run circles around the competitor no matter if he/she knows what he’s talking about or not. He claims to have sold 45 of the little machines in the Republican House already.
“Forgetting your opinion on matters is normal, especially as we get older,” smiled Yarmouthe. “Everyone knows an opinion is as important as arms and legs, as heart and soul,” he crisped. “It’s like not having an agenda or forgetting to go to the bathroom.”
And the Tip of the Tongue Opinion Prompter is heartily endorsed by Fox News, an opinion maker in its own right.
“People have enough to do each day without fogging up the bifocals by thinking,” said Yarmouthe. “Just plug in to your smart phone and go.”
– Uncle Pahgre

“It’s a damn good thing the rich have the newly shorn and castrated middle class to keep the poor people in their place.” – Tommy Middlefinger

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