Obama Stuntman Recognized by White House

(Foggy Bottom Bulletin — Washington – February 10, 2015) The unmasking of yet another Obama Stuntman, impeccably disguised as the President, is sure to send a message to detractors critical of White House foreign policy in the region. The stuntman was arrested in Lima, Peru while giving a press conference and balancing a tub of ceviche on his nose.
White House stunt-persons are believed to be operating in every country of the world and in Grand Junction, according to an official press secretary or her stuntwoman.
“The President can’t be everywhere at once. Only God and the Supreme Court can manage that feat,” she capitulated.
In addition to filling in for the Chief Executive, many stuntmen ghostwrite speeches for Vice President Joe Biden and John Kerry. Sadly, the themes have focused solely on prescribed military personal hygiene and were not deemed appropriate for anyone over 12.
The stuntmen and women in Congress did not fully respond in any meaningful manner since they are all on vacation/campaigning. The stunt personnel left behind in their seats to run the government were considering action of stunt lobbyists and their acceptability in or near the nation’s capital.
A strong contingent of former Presidential wooden bobble-heads is expected at the White House to confer with the President or his stuntman tomorrow or the next day.

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