Mideast Earthquake Could Seal Peace

(Tel Aviv) A major earthquake, which has completely severed large chunks of Palestine from Israel, may be the first real step toward lasting peace in the region. According to scientists on the scene, volcanic action centered some 150 miles out in the Mediterranean Sea has completely manipulated geologic faults from Syria to Egypt.

As seismic information becomes available it appears that the West Bank and Gaza, two locations of extreme dispute since 1948, have been surgically removed from Asia Minor and are now floating out toward Cyprus taking millions of Palestinians for the ride of their lives. While some are in shock as to the acute transformation others see it as the best chance for a distinct homeland, apart from Israel.

Although many of the uprooted populace still works in Israel, most feel the space will alleviate pressure and allow the peace process to thrive. Many view the break as a chance to create a new economy and solve chronic problems such as burgeoning refugee camps and intrusions by what was once their powerful neighbor to the west.

“We are not taking responsibility for any faults associated with our methods of diplomacy,” said a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce in Gaza City. “Our weekly karaoke and the kosher barbecues were a step in the right direction, but only in a cultural sense. Politically we were still enemies even though we were singing  and eating together, and getting to know each other on a personal basis. The complete geologic break may be just what we needed. Only time will tell.”

– Melvin Toole

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