Historic Brothel Burns

(Crested Butte, Colorado – April 25, 2015) This town’s last known house of ill repute burned to the ground early Thursday morning. Hundreds watched in awe while others cried openly in the street. The Play Station, as it was last called, was located just off Elk Avenue. It had been in operation since 1889, two weeks longer than local government.
The faded landmark began turning dollars soon after the town of Crested Butte emerged from the coalfields. For 125 years it was the scene of shootings and fundraisers, poker games and pie cook-offs, funerals and celebrations.
Now all that remained were whiffs of cheap perfume/ puddles of ashy water and fire hoses. Bits of red carpet that had survived the blaze were taken as souvenirs by the mangy crowd hanging in the shadows of the inferno. Arson is expected.
“Some do-gooder got wind of what was going down and burned the place down,” said Lyle Montgomery, 99, a retired coal miner. “I remember when all we had here were mines and parlors. Now both are gone.”
Police expect an increase in traffic on Gothic Road between Crested Butte and Mt Crested Butte as a result of the fire. Fortunately the latter burgh still boasts 14 of diversionary houses within its jurisdiction.

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