Heartfelt Thanks to Readers

(St. Roscoe’s Memorial Hospital – Colona, Colorado — May 25, 2015)
The entire staff of the san Juan Horseshoe would like to extend its sincere gratitude for gifts and pledges received on behalf of our departed brother Edwin Toole.
June marks 19 years since Toole took an unexpected and unrehearsed dive off a common bar stool resulting in fatal injuries.
Although initially the diagnosis was limited to a dislocated liver, a severely squelched tailbone, two broken antennae, a split lip, and a broken eyebrow which did nothing but irritate his chronic, and much publicized, Gregorian gout.
Toole’s condition worsened after being admitted into St. Roscoe’s Hospital, rumored to be the best in the region.
Scandal mongers in the shabby neighborhood say the deceased injured his fibula or maybe his femora climbing out of his hospital window to place bets at Pavlov’s Dog Track, located not a block away. Please send all further donations directly to the track since Toole could not afford bedside mail delivery.

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