Gunnison “Pretty Cold” Last Night

(Gunnison) Weather factions hold up somewhere inside in their woolies, confirm that Gunnison was “pretty cold” last night. Although the exact temperature was never confirmed, unreliable sources at Main and Tomichi say levels dropped well below others state wide. Conflicting reports, filed by rogue weather forecasters in fur hats tagged the temperatures as “damn cold”.

The problem monitoring weather in the Gunnison Valley has something to do with the critical measuring apparatus freezing and therefore not giving an accurate testimony to the chill.

“At least the wind doesn’t blow that much,” said one life long resident, “and the summers are heavenly. Plus, when it gets this cold the little temperature machine on the bank freezes so we don’t have that frigid reminder to contend with each morning,” she bbrrrred.

Meanwhile the dangerous Polar Vortex hovers over much of the upper Midwest creating life threatening realities for a lot of people who wish they were in Florida for February.

– Merv Ditchwater


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