GOP Opts Out of Climate

(What we think you need to know and will go to what many would see as extreme lengths to shove our ideas and opinions down your throat in a righteous fit of dismissal, disguised as the bettering of man.)

Supreme Quart confirms Know Nothing 

commitment to saving the planet. 

What They’re Saying Uptown….

“Too expensive, will kill jobs and it’s communist”, said one representative.

“Why would we pump money into something we can’t even see? Have you ever really seen an environment? It’s just more liberal propaganda,” he coughed. “Trying to tie the hands of business.”

“The country that  has made the biggest mess and should be leading the effort clean up the planet has vamoosed” – Lorna Doom.

“Republicans have given global warming a limo ride into town all right, said one speech making Democrat who has as yet failed to get off his ass. 

“The GOP has wasted precious time bungling, stalling and stuffing its pockets while the planet bakes. We see them every day in the chamber engaged in fake prayer. Their god is power and the gold that it brings,” she sputtered.

In other revolving action the SQ voted unanimously that White Privilege does not extend to vodka but that certain rums may be examined on a distinct basis. Moments later the judicial  body voted 5-3 (with one abstention) that there was no such thing as White Privilege in the country.

“It’s really quite laughable: How can people base their entire orientation and in some cases their very existence based on something you can’t even see,” commented one POX News anchor.

-Gabby Haze

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