Front Range Communities Blown to Kansas

(Windy Point — Aurora Borealis — March 14, 2016)

Due to incredibly high winds and a staggering arctic front most of Arapaho County is now in Kansas. Gone are the suburbs, the lawns, and the water-sucking golf corpses that have defined much of the affluent neighborhoods. Gone are the temples to progress, the pollution, the crime, the gangs, the litter and the noise common to the poorer sections.

The Manifest Destiny of thirsty populations is now little more than clumps of windblown sagebrush and a host of hardy rocks…just like before the white folks moved in.

Sources in Western Kansas are none too pleased with a surging refugee population on what once were empty wheat fields. Most express frustration as to what action should be taken in this natural disaster. The only known precedent occurred in the Thirties when a merciless Dust Bowl wind drove Oklahoma to Bakersfield and Fresno, California. Soon after that Merle Haggard was born.

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