Factual Eire

Before Ireland fell to the Christians it was pagan. Functioning quite well as a matriarchal society its fierce warriors kept invaders at bay. Enter Patrick, the full-of-himself and his snake oil carnival show. Shamrocks and conversions were the name of the tune. Then came the Vikings who plundered and killed at will and then built cities on the rivers.

The Druid poets, mediators, intellectuals, astronomers, climatologists could not stir up much resistance among a population drunk on future salvation. Pagan darkness? All the relics of all the dead saints couldn’t protect the rich monasteries from the psychedelic Norse madmen, dressed for battle in no more than a shield and sword, long red hair flowing.

For the next few centuries Ireland was beset by constant warfare among earls and chieftains intent on hoarding cattle, the accepted sign of affluence.  Then in 1167 deposed Irish King of Leinster, Dermot MacMurrough, angry over his lot, swore an oath of allegiance to Henry II of Britain. In turn, Henry obligingly sent Norman troops into Ireland and they have never left.

See incidence of Oliver Cromwells listed in the Dublin City phone directory

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