Ed Heads Commemorate Hero’s Passing

(Special from Crested Butte Bridal and Equestrian – March 25, 2015)
At least 400 of this town’s estimated 700 practicing Ed Heads turned out for a solemn procession today to mark the 35th anniversary of the death of Mr. Ed. A horse is a horse of course, of course but now the stable is empty.Smiling horse
All will miss the loveable, talking gelding. The cause of death, as reported in 1979, was mumps, which rarely affects horses. Attending physicians had expressed faith in an experimental drug that might have corrected the misguided vocal cords and ease pressure on the solid-hoof interface gallop mode that likely caused the animal’s demise.
Ed is survived by his caretakers, Wilbur and Carol, and a host of pretty ponies from Hollywood to Holyoke. He will always be remembered for his confident, bellowing voice and his phone skills. His romances with such starlets as Black Beauty, (National) Velvet and the Tennessee Mare were the talk of the corral for decades.
The memorial procession is slated to start at the Eldo, go to the Talk of the Town (one of Mr. Ed’s favorites when he was in town) then culminate at Kochevar’s Ballroom for an intimate dinner of oats and hay.
Ed could not be buried at the Crested Butte Cemetery because he was too big.
In one last attempt to honor the fallen hero KBUT will refrain from running old Mr. Ed episodes until at least the weekend. Anyone wishing to purchase drinks for Mr. Ed or any of the Ed Heads should just show up. Persons seeking Mr. Ed memorabilia should talk to any local retailer.
– Fred Zeppelin

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