Chief Ouray’s RV Unearthed Near Sneffels Townsite

Researchers and people with nothing else to occupy their daylight hours have announced the discovery of what they believe to be the recreational vehicle once owned and operated by the late Chief of the Utes, Ouray.
Although the exact site of the revelation has been cloaked in secrecy, a list of articles found inside has been released. Archeologists on the job say the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together well and prove the outfit to be the real deal, the property of the articulate Ute.
“We have yet to begin the carbon dating tests,” said P. Wilton Gold, “but it is clear that it is the RV that Ouray drove from the Portland (north of Ouray) camp to Delta for the winter. Perhaps the most significant find has been the poker chips and and IOU signed by Otto Mears, the Pathfinder and turncoat of the San Juans. Mears was a friend of Ouray’s although history might record things quite differently when all the information has been collected.
“We know that the two played poker regularly on Thursday nights at the Ouray Elks and that the stakes were high…likely leading to the Brunot Treaty and the subsequent expulsion of the native groups from these San Juans, (so the white folks could mine the money).
In addition to the IOUs other items listed include a Milwaukee Braves baseball cap, a Big Chief tablet, a case of Red Man Chew and a crumpled photograph of Ulysses S Grant, the reigning President before and after the Utes moved to Utah.
“In the information age this appears to be quite enough for us to substantiate a theory or two,” said Gold.
Additional more personal items are expected to be added to the master list soon to be released by a crack excavation team from Ignacio.

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