Bible, Constitution Most Abused, Misquoted

(Wimpton) The Christian Bible and the United States Constitution rank first and second as the most manipulated of all known human documents, it was disclosed today.
Charlatan cherry pickers who lift passages out of context or time period, and politicians, who distort the basic framework to make their point, are the most destructive culprits. These purveyors of false information unscrupulously tamper with these honored credentials in order to control those of even less intelligence.
“We have a situation where fear, ignorance and misinformation have overlapped to create a sense of confusion and mistrust in the U.S. and throughout the world,” said a theological historian who has been collecting data on the subject since the 1970s.
“The only method to halt the spread of this polarizing propaganda is the development of an educated population which we don’t see happening at this time.”

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