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By Dr. Ard von Barke DVM, PDQ, LSMFT (January 20, 2015)

Rover and Kitty Need a Break Too

Many fellow travelers ask: Doc, why do you insist on bringing three dogs and a cat on vacation? My eternal response remains: Rover and Kitty need a vacation too!
It is important for pets to se the world. Some enjoy travel so much that they will tolerate tiny cages or leashes and other restraints just to accompany their masters. These are inconveniences that the more intelligent dog or cat will figure is just part of the routine. After all very few of these freeloaders is buying his own ticket is he?
But why do our four-legged friends need a vacation? Often it is simply to break the monotony of knocking over trashcans or chasing mice. These repetitious chores cause dangerous stress levels that can build up over time. Most of us have built-in escapes or activities that encourage relaxation while poor Kitty and Rover do not.
Do you think it’s easy to bark, howl or scream all night long then sleep in the hot sun all day? Well you try it sometime.
Next time think a little about others and include your pets in your vacation plans. The result will be a far more directed, well-adapted dog or cat.
(Note: Before I forget again, if you didn’t have Blackistan Bubonic Plague as a child DON’T PLAY WITH THE MARMOT PUPS THIS YEAR. Pitifully those cute, cuddly whistle pigs that come right up to your car to feed, are carriers of the dreadful disease. Fortunately for them it is all they have to carry as they traverse high country meadows and negotiate alpine snowfields in their ongoing quest for better food and accommodations above timberline.
The affliction begins with paralysis and swelling of the lower cranial devices leading to motion sickness, galloping consumption and inevitably voting Republican. If you are anyone in your care exhibit these warning signs please keep them warm, quiet and away from the rest of us.

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