Aerobics Anonymous to Meet

(Dancing With Cigars – Ridgway, CO – July 10, 2015)

The secret meeting of Aerobics Anonymous will be held at an undisclosed address on Indian Massacre Highway it was disclosed today. The fledgling support group offers diversions for the recovering aerobiholic in a society where most people don’t even remember that fashion/workout craze.
“We seek to work through the problem by admitting that a problem exists, then denying the causes while applauding the affects,” said Nora Pennywhistle, acting executive director at the for-profit foundation. “After that plateau is ascended the recovery is well on the way. There are a few waivers to sign and a little matter of money.”
A host of thin females will then speak on cutting edge methods for “making inactivity work for you”, the theme of this year’s Let’s Get Physical Days in May. Each participant will receive a free set of leg warmers and touch on recycling tights.
“By whatever name it is called, exercise is the key here,” said Pennywhistle. “It’s no sweat to us how you get it.” – Oral Waters

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