Absenteeism No Longer Tolerated in Congress

(Washington) Chronic Congressional absenteeism may finally be undressed with bold new restrictions and guidelines expected to impact the way our elected officials do business.

Despite the fact that these often privileged elite received swollen pensions and amplified health insurance for life we have far too many of these clowns playing hooky. Where are they? Do their constituencies know what they do all day?

Starting in January all Congressmen absent without a legitimate excuse (very amicable at press time) will receive three whacks on the posterior with a hickory cane once thought to be the property of Andrew Jackson. Further malingering will result in senators and representatives forcibly inhabiting small rooms (cells) with the very people with which they disagree.

A third digression could result in deportation and a loss of all lucrative benefits granted to the nation’s “leaders”. 

“Many of the more vocal mouthpieces are too busy grandstanding and spewing hate to show up for work,” said a veteran newsman who covers the governing body. 

“If that was your average worker he would be fired and would have to start over without anything to fall back on,” he continued. “The rich make the rules.”

A new poll conducted by justiceforall.com strongly suggests a growing resentment within the electorate. Some 72% of Americans say the system is broken while another 20% favor a work/legislate program that has worked well in Latvia and Taiwan.

“Imagine a world without politicians,” he laughed.

-Fred Zeppelin

In Oregon voters approved a change to the state Constitution that will disqualify lawmakers from re-election if they have 10 unexcused absences from legislative sessions, The Associated Press reported. Republicans had in recent years walked out of the Legislature to prevent the Democratic majority from advancing key bills.   

Dump Trump Not Ukraine

Meanwhile many Republicans are insisting we betray Ukraine due to the bottom line. These soulless zombies don’t deserve to be on the same planet with the exemplary Ukrainians. 

 The US screwed the Kurds, abandoned the Vietnamese, conducted a “war on drugs” that has resulted in millions of  peasants living in urban poverty, kissed Saudi ass, created an even more volatile Somalia and continue to crucify Cuba. When will we show some integrity? 

The Ukrainians are fighting our fight against totalitarianism. They re fighting for real freedom not just the word. This freedom is not the kind one finds plastered on idiot campaign signs. Most of the pampered politicians on both sides of the aisle would not know this.

It is blood and guts freedom. Willing to die freedom. If we abandon Ukraine we abandon faith, hope and future. These plastic, magic Christian GOP devils in our midst the will then inch that much closer to stealing our republic.

“Royals are Irrelevant – The King is a Bozo.”   Finn McCool

“The Royals are irrelevant.”  – Yogi Berra, Hall-of-Fame baseball great.

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