A Bad Dream Fulfilled

As you all know our beloved Broncos’ offense took a powder, and little else, in a disastrous loss to the barely there Oakland Raiders Sunday. I realize that it is just a game and all really stupid but I was disappointed and offended by the masquerade that took place most every time the Broncos had the ball.

Please, Gary have them throw the ball down (the field) before we throw up. The constipated offensive scheme is not working. Where was the offensive line? How many dropped passes. How many fumbled punts?

For the offense: a most poorly coached and played game in front of God and fans. The second half effort should be filmed and marketed as a sleep aid for insomniacs. For the talented defense: another spoonful of frustration and fatigue.

Many of us discovered on the high school gridiron that launching the ball way the hell down the filed opens up options for the running game. Duh.

How do you expect to compete with Pittsburgh next weekend?


Gothic-Pro Wrestler mentality does not help the team says ghost of Al Davis: “I may have been in need of a shampoo but you people “are fecking freaks of nature”

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