When Lulu Belle Hit Town

For all the world’s attention

She picked a tumble-down

old village off the road maps

when Lulu Belle hit town.

The boys all paid attention

to her beauty tightly wound.

She lingered near their wallets

when Lulu Belle hit town.

Long winter landscape dreaming

stimulation for the clown

then up the ante once again

since Lulu Belle hit town.

How could she be so heartless?

How could she let them down?

Hot love affairs soared high, then crashed

When Lulu Belle hit town.

She never made a promise

She only hung around

The men folk did the rest of it

When Lulu Belle hit town.

And broken hearted acres

of tears and chronic frown

left hayseeds crying in their beer

When Lulu Belle left town.

– Kevin Haley

Filed Under: Reflections on Disorder


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