What I’ve Found Out

The public schools may suck but the US leads the world in the construction of private prisons.

78% People standing around waiting for something to happen while 22% others spend the day making it look like they are doing something important.

John Coltrane did not right “I’ve been working on the railroad”

A prisoner/convict can receive reduced jail time for getting a vasectomy in Tennessee

Carving the name Jesus on a healthy pine tree in the woods is not very Christian.

Extending a proposed pedestrian mall from Irwin to Almont might decrease the numbers of tourists currently mobbing Crested Butte.

If you have a flat tire at Snowden’s Meadow the mayor of Lake City might very well drive out there and help you out.

Dr. Pepper is not a real doctor.

The Military-Industrial crowd likes having lots of teen pregnancies and unwanted children running around with unprepared, often desperate parents. It assures canon fodder for their wars.

The saying dull as dish water is the same as saying as dull as ditchwater and depends entirely on one’s point of view

US military presence on Taiwan (Formosa) would be like a People’s Army naval base on Catalina Island.

Most persons whose faces are displayed on international currency are pricks.

Vietnamese rice whiskey is not suggested if one suffers from occasional gout.

The best way to extract olives from their skinny jars in Southeast Asia is by employing everyday chopsticks.

The Syrian War is not a video game.

The Opioid Epidemic (52,000 overdoses in 2015 alone) and uncounted meth deaths are not mentioned in Sessions’ Crackdown on pot.

A lot of people vote against themselves due to misplaced blame and fears promoted by political parties.

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