Trumpty Dumpty’s great fall

Tweets emanating from the White House strongly suggest that President Trump is “acutely put off” by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contract do Kentucky Fried Chicken ads in Georgia and Alabama in 2018. Remaining defiant in the eye of the hurricane, the Jiminy Cricket of the judicial wing “has dug in his heels on this one”, according to unreliable sources in the Oval Office. Both men served under the original Colonel Sanders in the Homeric wars long before your Aunt Bob and Uncle Mary were born.

In a related incident, Kelly Ann Conway would make a wonderful opiate czarina according to Betsy DeVos the perky yet ill-equipped Education Czarina.

Fellow students remember DeVos as not bright enough to remember her locker number, much less the combination of same. Sometimes she showed up at the wrong school altogether due to “the multitude of buses going by every morning”. Despite these embarrassing setbacks, Betsy became president of the Daughters of Religious Intolerance and was an alternate cheerleader.

Both women have been unfairly called petty and mindless, even by fellow Republicans, but they are loyal Trumpettes.

Meanwhile Conway continues to argue vehemently that 45’s hair is his own while the world floods, burns and gets nuclear. When asked by reporters if she wore a hair piece, she stormed from the room and has barricaded herself (along with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and DeVos) in the Oval Office with only Russian caviar and holy water (Russian vodka) to sustain them until the weekend. Talk about patriots!

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– Johnny Cake Jr.

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