(Bad Breakfast, AZ) Trump’s Wall was never meant to keep anyone out, or in – it’s a money-laundering marvel. That’s all. Russian mafia bucks. Just do the research (follow the money) and see who is the real beneficiary. Meanwhile most Americans continue to watch TV and eat cold cuts.

Now a gold course appears from the blowing sands. Unconfirmed sources in Kiev insist that the entire venture will be named for Vladimir Putin.

Secret blueprints falling into our hands clearly indicate greens, tee boxes and sand traps all along the perimeter of the proposed wall. Water for the course will be paid for by Mexico where, as we all know, there is an abundance of the life-sustaining liquid. All holes will be virus free and self-appointed security militias reminiscent of the land-grabbing American gangs that raped and pillaged Mexico in the late 1840s will monitor all fairways.

Already word on the street has it that a massive RV park has been penciled in as well as 0ver 300 prayer breakfast pavilions where the righteous can go hide heads in the sand, hone blindness, and to rationalize racist behavior, emulating their living inspiration.

The 1000-foot mural of Donald Trump projected for the Mexican side of wall will be illuminated only on weekends in an attempt to stay within the billion-dollar budget. Meanwhile on the north side, fast food enterprises will seduce throngs visiting the freshly dug grave of former Senator Paul Ryan who, as readers will recall was buried in an undisclosed spot back in February. A graffiti map, drawn on the Mexican side shows the way.

All this and scavenging too. One Mexican source reports that over 5000 structures have been built in Chihuahua and Sonora from discarded wall material.

– Fred Zeppelin

“At a time when we the people need to wake up we have an occupant of the WH that needs to be put to sleep.” – Gen. Kashmir Horseshoe, United Mime Workers,

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