Trump Wall could be built from crumbling infrastructure

(Falfurrias, TX) Architects here agree that materials needed to build the proposed Border Wall between US and Mexico could be easily procured from fallen down and decaying bridges, potholed highways and dubious airport runways still standing, and/or abandoned within the United States.

They conclude that 25% of the concrete, rebar, barbed wire, piping, plastic, stones, fiber reinforced polymers and wood studs and could be easily gathered within a 50-mile radius between Laredo and Corpus Christi. All could be harvested from once vital and imperative physical edifices and configurations that have fallen into ruin and never replaced by any gov’ment.

The proposed Good Neighbor Wall on the US-Mexico border looks a lot like another infamous European wall but unlike its concrete cousin can be built with failed and discarded infrastructure.

When one considers the mass of dysfunctional infrastructure in the country it is easy to imagine it as material for a security wall. When people stop caring for other people and start building walls to keep some in and some out the matter of deteriorating transportation and communication systems takes a back seat.

“See those warped and twisted train tracks over there,” gestured one local builder. “We could make 20 lookout towers with just part of that stash of steel. Crumbling infrastructure like the bricks of low-income housing and tiles of poorly built shopping malls could come in handy too especially with tariffs and environmental red tape.”

Just who would build the wall was not discussed.

Meanwhile a reported 200 tons of Gorilla Glue has arrived near McAllen with more expected at strategic border sectors by the weekend. It was not clear if an accidental rollover of a Mega Lard dumpster was related to these incidents.

“We’re just waiting for that check from Mexico to pay for the erection,” said an anonymous White House Press Secretary who has never told a lie.

– Fred Zeppelin

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