Trump races to fire Stormy Daniels

As the sun came up over the Potomac the President announced that he was firing porn star Stormy Daniels, “America’s Sweetheart”, and Jack Daniels too.

Insiders had expected him to appoint Daniels to a safe, placating post within a wavering ethics committee or special liaison to the evangelical element that didn’t even raise and eyebrow to their man’s perverted behavior.

Last night Trump fired the Alfonso, the White House gardener, that brought about an outrage.

“At least he was working. Everyone else on the WH staff just runs around in acceptable circles, afraid for their jobs,” said a slew of Washington watchdogs.

The proposed dismissal, which has no bearing on reality, creates another problem since many males in his base fantasize about Stormy while they sip Jack.

“He is a still a hero to these people,” said a recent Democratic Part release, “because he does what he wants and he is white.”

In a related development, Trump say they will contest a restraining order prohibiting visits to the Statue of Liberty over continued sexual harassment claims.

– Small Mouth Bess

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