Trump passes Stalin on Turnover List

(Moscow-On-Potomac) President Donald Trump, recently from the United States, has passed deceased Russian dictator Joseph Stalin as top dog on the all-time administrative hit list.

Joe Stalin with unidentified prom date sometime in the late 40s.

The magic moment came yesterday afternoon with the resignation of a cabinet climate change expert and the aggravated dismissal of a minor bureaucrat in the EPA. Both former surrogates left without incident and are said to be doing fine.

Trump is now the unchallenged leader according that infamous proxy ledger, a dubious honor compiled annually by yappy political watchdogs from The Hague. The poll stops short of drawing other more painful comparisons from the civilian lives of the two despots.

Despite classic purges, famine, collective farms, firing squads and two world wars Stalin’s numbers, once believed to be statistically insurmountable, have been left in the dust of the Russian steppes.

Whereas it took Stalin 20 years to achieve such notoriety, the new king of turnovers, Donald Trump, himself a nitpicker on loyalty, has accomplished the feat in only two years.

And you thought Joe Stalin went through people.

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