Trump to Gold Leaf “The Wall”

President-elect Donald Trump likes 24-carrot gold leaf. He likes it all over his 5th Avenue Manhattan apartment. He likes the rococo design. He likes it in Las Vegas and if it passes in Congress a gold-leaf montage may decorate The Wall between the United States and Mexico.

Like many of Trump’s ego blasts and a parade of flamboyant landmarks the Wall will reflect a certain affluence level not enjoyed by many of Trumps fervent supporters.

Inside the aviary at the Trump Tower in New York City.

Inside the aviary at the Trump Tower in New York City. lots of gold and new tax breaks for the rich.

“Money is no object,” said an unreliable source rumored to have the billionaire’s ear. “Imagine how proud we will be when the obstacle to illegal and undocumented immigration is complete. It will be a major triumph for corporeality all over the world.”

Although nothing has come to pass supporters of the construction say a combination of brick and mortar will be implemented and 100,000 workers will be employed. The projected completion date is January 2021.

“Trump is going to trouble assembling such a large work force without including some illegals,” said an Arizona man who demanded anonymity. “Plus his history as an employer may come back to bite him on his arse.”

The President-elect reportedly stiffed an estimated 300 workers when his Atlantic City casino went belly up and allegedly did not pay other contractors for work performed.

“That doesn’t mean squat,” said a Trump spokesman. “The American people have short memories and many appear comfortable with a wheeler-dealer in the White House. He’s going to make America great again.”

– Tommy Middlefinger

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