Trump-free accepted by Merriam Webster

(Orlando) The term Trump-free has been included in the annual updated version of the heralded dictionary, Merriam Webster, due to a spike in common usage over the past year.

This particular dictionary is accepted as the ultimate source for legitimate words, spellings, definitions and grammatical uses. Only valid and vernacular words are included in this roster of English words

Joining caffeine-free, lint-free and gluten-free among others, Trump-free will be listed alphabetically and referenced in the back of the reference book.

Most commonly found in conversations about the 2020 presidential election, the term has waded into the conflicts between money and the environmental state of the planet. It is often used as a predicate noun or even a weak participle but can be applied to a plethora of situations where the speaker embraces the invisible or the lack of presence.

“Who’s she?” chanted red-hatted supporters at a recent election rally. “Lock her up!” they demanded as their truth-twisting idol flexed and fumbled at the podium.

Most not comfortable with books demanded to see the emails of this Webster person, whoever she might be. Many privately whispered that Webster was probably an alias and that she must be Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren.

Meanwhile the Trump base remains disoriented, confused over the presentation of their hero as an absent variable in the midst of crucial ingredients. Rather than a status of top dog the quasi-terminology paints the president as non-existent, suggesting that a situation might be an improvement sans Trump than with him.

“These throwbacks quote the Bible and the Constitution when it benefits them but most have never read either document. It seems the dictionary has fallen victim to the same indifference and ignorance worship,” said one of hundreds of Democratic presidential candidates. “I for one have never seen anyone successfully cherry-pick a reference book like this but there’s a first time for everything.”

– Gabby Haze

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