Putting to rest fears that he would support Vladimir Putin for President of the United States, Donald Trump today endorsed the Russian leader for President of The Russian Federation.

While European Union analysts suggest that Putin doesn’t need much help in his bid for reelection there is “always the outside chance” that he will not be elected and will be forced to assume his iron grip through more circuitous, surreptitious channels.

“Putin will be running the show here no matter how the voting turns out,” said Opposition leader Alexey Navalny, a prominent anti-corruption activist, who has been barred from running for president after what many see as a trumped up fraud conviction.

The polls indicate that Putin, a former KGB Lieutenant Colonel, is a sure winner despite whatever charades accompany the actual election. He has been in power for 18 years and has brought Russia from the chaos of Glasnost to a czar-like, totalitarian state where political protest is not tolerated.

“What’s a little hacking, doping, gangsterism, imposed sanctions among friends?” said White House statement. “We applaud  Putin’s stamina and his handling of the press as well as other dissent.

Putin has been in control since 1999, making him the longest sitting Russian ruler since Joseph Stalin and his infamous mustache/bigote which he started growing after the Kerensky Offensive.

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