Trout and Kokanee Pursue Refugee Status

(Gunnison) After years of dry conditions culminating in serious drought even the water is dry. Trout and salmon in local rivers have applied for emergency refugee status demanding to be relocated to wet environs even those experiencing flash floods and deluge.

The fish reportedly feel helpless under present conditions and prefer to tough it out in extreme conditions so long as the water is there to serve their needs. Most are good swimmers. A decrease in the number of refugees accepted into the country, while not adversely affecting fish in turmoil, has dominated thinking on the matter and leaves the cold-blooded vertebrates without a champion to advance their position.

One Department of Interior spokesperson at Almont responded to the desperate plea by saying that the fish “knew what they were getting into when they took the bait. Maybe they should set up offshore locations like we do. It sure beats following the rules established for the mainstream, Get it?”

– Small Mouth Bess

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