The Tarzan and Jane Dialogues

Brought to you in spectrum black and white by O’Hara’s Pink-Eye Ointment and Trough Oil. If it’s not O’Hara’s it’s not O’Hara’s.

(The scene: A tree house in East Africa, 1936)

Tarzan: Tarzan kick lion ass.

Jane: Tarzan, I’m surprised at you, using such vulgar language here in The Horseshoe. Don’t you know that our readers are sensitive and easily offended? Besides, you were lucky the lion backed off or you might be dinner for the whole pride.

Tarzan: What?

Jane: Now go and pick me some fresh bananas. It’s Cheetah’s birthday and I want to bake her a cake.

Tarzan: Tarzan call elephants, do job.

Jane: And that’s another thing. Who do you think you are exploiting the honorable elephant for your own ends.

Tarzan: Tarzan always call elephants…

Jane: Well those days are over, sailor. From now on we’ll be doing things the civilized way like they do in Britain. You do plan to wear a shirt for dinner don’t you? Boy and his wife will be joining us for tea…

Tarzan: Boy no care about shirt.

Jane: What? What did you say?

Tarzan: Tarzan kick lion ass good.


For top drawer analysis and further discussion of this segment please turn to Don’t tell me what I don’t already know on page 45.

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