Ted Cruz attempts to distance himself from Ted Cruz

On the heels of a near defeat in the Texas Senate race Ted Cruz has announced he is distancing himself from Ted Cruz. The almost upset by El Paso Congressmen Beto O’Rourke appears to have left the incumbent reeling, although close aides deny there is any change in the Cruz agenda.

“This is the first we’ve heard about Ted distancing himself from himself,” stressed one longtime campaign executive. “Senator Cruz is the same old Ted and after a close election anyone has a right to some down time.”

Other supporters called the win a mandate saying that the voters of Texas had spoken. Democrats and Independents have taken offense to the use of mandate and say they’ll be back in 2020 in full regalia after the fine showing by O’Rourke in what has been an ultra-red state since civil rights legislation became law in the Sixties.

Cruz, who pretended to be friends with Donald Trump during the election, had no comment on what experts say is questionable maneuvering and blatant attempts to disassociate from anyone or anything detrimental to the advancement of his political future. Many say Cruz has no ideology whatsoever making it more difficult to project his self-serving moves.

“Those commies and liberals just want to hurt a good man,” said a former Trump ally from jail. “The evangelical vote says it all. It’s amazing how those preachers play the pulpit in a tax-free environment. Their sheep bent over and cast a vote for the GOP once again.”

The practice of distancing oneself from oneself is a whole new frontier according to social scientists that further concluded that Cruz does not have the wherewithal to operate at half-mast.

“The man has the personal warmth and integrity of a wharf rat,” said one supporter. “Ted’s smart all right but in a sick sort of way but split personalities that have plagued him in the past may come to his rescue this time around.

Meanwhile the man who former House Speaker, John Boehner loved (“I have never worked with a more miserable SOB in my life.”) is still swilling at the trough, leading the privileged life, watching the polls.

“Despite his personal appeal, Cruz will run for president again,” continued the jailed Trump booster. “Voters have short memories, even when it comes to carpetbaggers and fake Christians.

– Kashmir Horseshoe

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