“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” relegated to Designated Hitter Status?

We start professional baseball games in the United States with The Star-Spangled Banner, which is certainly appropriate and in many ways showcases our pride as a nation. But what happened to traditional “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” the song that used to grace the Seventh Inning Stretch in most parks. Now it seems that we have embraced another round of robot jingoism with the playing of God Bless America. Where is the separation of church and state…you know from the Constitution and all?

In many stadiums we no longer hear a classic baseball tune vital to our dwindling culture and replace it with a one-dimensional, quasi-religious chant that does not take into account the citizens who don’t buy into the Christian god and may be losing faith in an 3.2 America as well. Are we goose-stepping our way to first base when we should be rounding third on the way to home sweet home?

Mass produced mega-theocracy is not what our deist founders had intended. Mindless jingle patriotism cannot stand up to adversity. A walk is not as good as a hit.

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