Surfing Club Liquidates

The last regular meeting of the Western Colorado University Surfing Club was held at the Aspinall-Wilson Center last night. The organization, chartered in 1919 by veterans of World War I, reached its peak in 1963 when it boasted some 300 members. That year the club brought the Beach Boys, Dick Dale and Jan & Dean to the campus. Over the years members have traveled to such exotic spots as Chile, Hawaii and the Canary Islands in search of the perfect wave.

The executive board decided to disband since nobody attends the meetings anymore. The last athletic scholarship awarded to a surfer here was shrouded in scandal over alleged inappropriate contact with surfing recruits in both Alma and Granby, two locales that often record temperatures lower than Gunnison measurements.

Other sore spots underscore long board disputes with Adams State University in frigid Alamosa, a row left unsettled for decades.

“Students are far more interested in snowboarding than surfing around here,” said a former member. “It’s the instant gratification thing. There’s a great ski area 28 miles to the north and good surfing spots the ocean are at least a thousand miles from here.”

Excess funds, leftover from operations, remain in a secret off-shore bank account and may go toward the further exhumation of ancient artifacts and fossils on W Mountain.

-Gabby Haze

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