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  • Notes on the chaos, which is our gov’ment
  • dba: Syria could use a wall too, Donald.

Maybe Assad will pay for it. This morning ISIS is already beginning to salivate over recent plans for the US military to cut and run, leaving another generation of Kurds to their own devices once again.

And isn’t the epic Gov’ment Shutdown also shutting down Homeland Security? Giving up on a whitewash agency to build a worthless wall. Fear. Maybe the threat of terrorism has been blown out of proportion in order to frighten and control the American population. All based on fear.

Immigrants are not the enemy. Mitch McConnell is enemy! People who think we can solve massive problems of fiscal inequity and over-population with walls are only seeing to the end of their noses. Mindlessness rules!

Good riddance Paul Ryan

The poor boy that attended college on Social Security, then turned around and screwed the weak and disadvantaged. He’d have liked to have done more to punish people for poverty. What a legacy. Will he be able to live comfortably on his pension?

Let’s make his life miserable. Ryan’s home address and phone coming to our readers in January. We’re just waiting for the combination to his gun rack before releasing the data. Does Wisconsin have extradition laws? Is self-deportation the wave of the future for Congressmen and Presidents guilty of treason?

Congress passes major energy bill 

The United States Senate passed far-reaching legislation today effectively banning fossil fuels within the borders of the US. Oil pipelines will be dynamited and water pipelines build instead. The price of horses or a bicycle has darted up significantly although fiscal sources say these costs will even out in time. This sweeping legislation represents the first official government business conducted by the sitting body since the Kremlin helped Trump get elected in 2016.

“They’ll be major blowback,” said one author of the new restrictions. “The decisions will not affect just gasoline.”

After the celebration is over consumers may see sharp rise in everything from floor wax to fishing lures.

“It’s either change our lives drastically today or burn up tomorrow,” stressed the supporter of the action.

– Zorro DesPlants

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