(Warshington UPS) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will speak before the combined House of Representatives on Thursday. She is expected to address immigration issues, climate change, Wall Street and the aggressive foreign policies of the white House.

Pelosi told reporters that it was time to clear the air and reach out to the other side of the aisle.

“Since I am the Speaker I feel it is my sworn duty to speak,” said the highest-ranking female elected official in the history of the United States. “The problem is that I am either preaching to the choir or talking to a wall,” she said in reference to the partisan politics that plague the capitol.

Pelosi is expected to criticize the “inhuman practices conducted by the present administration at the borders” as well as “the profits of climate change denial” and white-collar corruption.

The Democrats have no public agenda on these issues that is known at this time. Many inside the party are scrambling for a voice or even a slogan to further enhance defeating Trump in 2020. Right now it is all anti-Trump, minus solutions.

Despite ascertains that she represents the average American the Congresswoman’s net worth was over $30 million in 2017.

In a related development FOX News has secured the exclusive rights to broadcast the 2020 Presidential Elections. The network will dissect the contest 24 hours per day starting in September. It is the first time a television network has taken on such a gargantuan task; especially considering the fact that many FOX celebrities hold positions in the Trump Administration.

– Susie Compost

“Podran cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera”

– Pablo Neruda

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