Solar Eclipse!

Despite news and rumors Wyoming gas stations were out of gas, hotels, campgrounds and RV parks were booked solid and the population of Wyoming doubled in the days prior to the solar eclipse we were determined to witness the event. We packed up the car, drove more than 600 miles and met up with family in Lander, Wyoming the day prior to the eclipse. Our little caravan continued to Pavilion which was smack dab in the middle of the eclipse?s path. After conferring with the good old boys in the Pavilion?s only bar, we drove to a local campground to spend the night. The next day we woke up to the spectacular orange glow of a sunrise that foreshadowed a morning long display of the sun?s majesty. Around 11:15am we watched through special glasses as the moon slowly moved across the sun. With each passing minute the temperature dropped and the sun?s light became dimmer. At 11:38am the light was completely dimmed. We were able to look at the sun with naked eyes and for two minutes were completely awestruck by the sun?s corona – light rays emanating outward; stars and planets visible. The sight was breathtaking. Soon enough, a sliver of intense light signaled the end of totality. While the 7 hour drive home stretched to 12 hours, we were happy for an experience that will not be forgotten. Photo compliments of Patrice Schell


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