Solar Cars Even A Moron Can Fix

Just open the hood and line up the Styrofoam-laced engine block with the joystick interface (See handy operator’s guide) and you’re halfway home. Then adjust for sunrise and sunset. Be sure your digital hair-brain is engaged and is set on the correct day of your monthly preventative maintenance or the cusp of your mechanical nightmare.

And you won’t need metric tools! No wrenches, no hammer and certainly no messy oil and gas. Just let the sunshine in, drop the pedal to the metal and proceed to your next destination in style.

Then look for the carburetor. There isn’t one. Nor is there a catalytic convertor, fuel injection or even a radiator! All you have under the hood is a solar collector, three industrial rubber bands and a small fan. First: Go to the solar bank (on the left side of the windshield wiper fluid container on most models) and check to see if there is enough sunlight stored to start the mobility process. Second: Check air in tires. Third: Adjust seat and windows.

Parking your solar car in the sun will charge the batteries faster than any other method. Usually exposure (with sunscreen) for three hours will net the driver 400 miles on uninterrupted travel.

On cloudy days, just stay home and work in the garden.

For a full disclosure with mounds of advice and mindless comment go to the Solar Cars chapter in “Origami Pursuits” and enter your password. Engine audio noises, screeching tires, diesel clouds and revving sounds sold under other wrapper.

– Alfalfa Romero

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