Snow architects need permit

Even pretty snowmen are on the reformist radar

(Crested Butte) Persons engaged at building structures from snow must have a valid building permit according to inspectors here in Gunnison County. Projects such as snow forts, snow pits, ice/snow sculptures, trophy igloos and even snowmen fall under this new regulation enacted by county officials on Tuesday.

     The action comes amid fears of overwhelming snow depths this year. The legislation goes into effect in 2019 giving residents and visitors a grace period in which to finish up projects started in 2018. It remains to be seen whether or not other counties will follow suit on the controversial move.

     “We’re forced to do something,” said one council member. “We can’t stand by while people build and build. So what if it’s all going to melt someday,” she said. “We’re concerned with right now. While we don’t blame people for taking advantage of cheap building material the situation here is deteriorating into structural anarchy.”

     According to county records some 250 snow structures have sprung up since the last big dump, often blocking access roads and pedestrian pathways throughout the municipal region. With another 98 inches of snow forecast for this evening it’s a now or never proposition, according to people familiar with the seasons here.

“We busted a couple of kids building a snowman Friday right out on Highway 135,” said the source. “Now what were they thinking? Soon these kinds of violations will be subject to fine.”

But county officials promised to go easy on juveniles guilty of infractions, unless the situation is deemed aggravated.

It was not clear if tunnels, wind breaks, mounds or snowmaking operations would fall under this fresh criteria.

Citizens are reminded that stacked firewood, parked cars and loitering will be tolerated in accordance with the existing statutes.  

– Suzie Compost

“If you are not willing to die for your freedom you don’t deserve to be free. Not this 3.2 freedom – it is real freedom from fear and want. Real freedom from the people who keep you down.” – Gyro Juju, 611


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