Seeing the winter thru Rose-Colored Glasses

(Paonia) In an attempt to create a remedy for  the dreadfully horrible and very real seasonal affective disorder or (Sad), extremely imaginative scientist have produced the first available rose tinted glasses.”  The spectacles will be released to the public on March 1.

The disorder, affecting normal people in winter regions everywhere, happens during colder months since there is progressively less sunlight each day until the Solstice. If you feel exceptionally moody, hungry, tired, cold, bored, bummed, and overall hopelessly miserable, you may suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

Top scientist have figured out a way to contain happiness and then to transfer it into an ordinary pair of 2 dollar glasses. When placed upon the face, the wearer is reported to be immediately overcome with a sense of overall content and well being. Things appear brighter and more beautiful. Spokesman Zeb Smith told Horseshoe reporters “the glasses are a reward for all those people who struggle through winter each year and barely make it out alive. They may also substitute for smoking marijuana.

At this time manufacturers are quite unsure of the wide ranging effects the glasses could invariably create in the world. We suspect the results will be extremely positive.  The best thing about them is that they are entirely invisible. No one needs to know that the wearer naturally hates everything during winter months.”

The glasses can be purchased at the Old River Road Trading Post for 2 dollars a pair. No exam is needed.  If you feel no different when putting on the Real Rose Tinted Glasses then you do not have the disorder.

– Lady Jane


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