Seeing Eye Boy Aids Lassie

(Irwin) Amos Ruthsatten isn’t ducking his responsibility where the well-loved pooch, Lassie, is concerned. The 12-year-old boy has dropped out of junior high school and quit his job at a local florist in order to turn his full attention to a now aging and all but blind Lassie.

Their unique relationship started when Amos’ father, Elroy Ruthsatten, almost squashed the famous TV dog with his backhoe last month.

“It was painfully obvious that Lassie was ready for the great beyond,” said the older Ruthsatten. “She could barely see the nose on her face.”

The younger Ruthsatten took to the blinded dog right off. Without his constant vigil her situation would be worse than hopeless.

When asked how he knew that the elderly collie was in fact the real Lassie of legend and lore Amos answered:

“All one has to do is talk to her. She remembers everything from the TV series in great detail. No other dog could know those things.”    

  – Axtelle LeFevre and Warren Bushings      

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