Rodman, Kim grace list of celebrities on retooled “Apprentice”

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman and North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong un will headline a dazzling roster of contestants on a newly revamped The Apprentice. The reality television program will take on much the same format as the original one, which ran before its host was elected President of the United States according to host network NBC.

Rodman, former rebounding standout and transvestite will appear for the first time on the show while Kim is expected to participate by closed circuit cable due to immigration issues.

“If Yankee reporters haven’t figured out how to spell Kim’s full name by now they will be left behind,” said a propaganda release from Pyongyang, the epicenter of evil according to Western sources.

“Kim Jong Un can control the weather for sure,” said Rodman who has solicited the Trump Administration for permission to visit his friend in North Korea. If he is allowed to go he hopes to broker a peace between Kim and Donald. Are we to believe that Rodman will wear a dress and Kim will hit the boards, scoring in the paint, during the visit?

Meanwhile a majority of people living in North Korea are subjected to food shortages and political repression worse than what is occurring in Puerto Rico according to the United Nations. Missiles Over Mouths is the new slogan plastered on billboards all over the Asian country.

“There is no sanity in sending one looney to meet another looney to put in a good word for a third looney,” said Senator Mario Rubio, who appears to now see the writing on the wall and is attempting to project himself as a moderate. “We seem to have forgotten that poor people in this country have the right to vote.”

Many others in the GOP are secretly whispering that Trump should send a recently defeated Ray Moore to Pyongyang since he speaks in tongues and might be able to bring some welcome dialogue to the table.

– Kashmir Horseshoe

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