The legislative seat of the Roman Catholic Church will not be moved to the site of the Polo Grounds in New York as previously reported in the November issue of the now defunct Vacant Lot Review, a cash cow milked every morning by forest nymphs. Due to logistical disagreements it will instead be moved to Milwaukee County Stadium. The relocation comes after centuries of a Vatican presence in Rome (The Eternal City and all).

According to insiders a 2000-year lease will be up in the 2025 and the owners of the real estate plan to build a massive golf course and retirement village on the spot that is now Vatican City. A fiscal shift will begin in 2006 culminating with a drastic move by the following decade. The faithful are reminded to keep sending in donations and that the collection plate waltz will not be interrupted by the relocation. It is not known how these developments will effect a Wisconsin cult set on keeping baseball in Milwaukee. We apologize for any inconvenience created by the incorrect announcement.

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