Raiders Las Vegas Stadium to feature jail and courtroom

Las Vegas Stadium, the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020 will feature jail cells, judges and gavels to as to deal with unruly fans. Those caught fighting will have seats and season tickets revoked.

The National Football team has called Oakland home for 45 years. It will now play home games in Paradise, Nevada near the watered-down pseudo-sin city out there in the desert.

Stadium security, manned by regular Las Vegas Strip Cops, will attempt to embrace some sort of normality, despite the presence of the NFL’s most disrespectful and disrespected fans base cameos. Genuine Raider football fans should be ashamed of their fellows who miss the point of competitive sports altogether.

Raider fans: Not really so bad ass after all. Is something wrong here?

“These people, these Halloween imbeciles and black attention seekers are nothing more than a distraction from what’s going on on the field,” said former coach Spike Sahara “Considering the level of play in the past ten years that may be a positive. Today it is a ridiculous sideshow performed by narcissistic bullies and costumed thugs who firmly believe that it is all about them. They could be a roller derby for all they know.”

Many pro sources around the league quietly agree saying the gothic and grandiose conduct represents what is wrong with our country and ask why this kind of social interaction is tolerated and even embraced by a lower segment of the intellect and an even lower status of passive aggressive behavior.

“We’ve had years of practice dealing with these types,” said one Las Vegas officer. “Don’ forget – Las Vegas has been the epicenter of professional wrestling since the 70s”

“Despite the contradictions in his remarks, Ali was convinced he could be an effective diplomat — the “Black Henry Kissinger,” as he put it.”  – from Ali-A Life by Jonathan Eig. (Mohammed Ali had offered to trade himself for the Iran hostages in 1979)

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