Putin Jokes Flourish on Heels of Ukraine Election

(Moscow) Putin jokes continue to deluge the Russian capital following the election of former comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky to the presidency of Ukraine. With his popularity dropping, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has become the laughing stock of many within a fed up populace.

Whether or not the two distinct phenomena are related is anyone’s guess. The two countries have been in a state of war ever since pro-Russian elements began military action in Ukraine and Russia occupied the Crimea.

Zelensky, a Jewish comedian, won the recent election in a landslide showing popularity with all Ukrainians including Russian speakers in the east of the nation. Whether this reflects a decrease in anti-semitism and fascism in the European nation has yet to be determined.

What is particularly amusing is that he played the role of Ukrainian President on television.

“On the surface it’s like Donald Trump winning the election in the US after his appearances on reality TV,” said one Kiev journalist, who left the comparison there. “But the oligarchs here are defecating 5 kopiyoks (Ukrainian nickels) at the thought of Zelensky taking the helm while the fat cats in the US flagrantly support Trump.”

The Putin jokes, a genre most of us do not associate with The Kremlin, are popping up everywhere overnight, like the cork in a bottle of vintage vodka. Many refer to the shape of his head while others speak of his gangster tactics and laugh at him for his ham-fisted bullying of opponents.

Sputnik News Service was quick to blame liberals in the West while some for Soviet potatoheads blame CIA. Here are a few of the better jokes:

1. If a bus with Vladimir Putin fell 800 feet from a cliff would anyone survive? Who cares?

2. If you go fishing with Putin how do you keep him from drinking all the vodka? Bring along Czar Nicholas, Vladimir Rasputin and Catherine the Great.

3. How many political prisoners does it change a Light bulb? Thousands, even though there may not be electricity today.

4. Trump and Putin walk into this bar. Trump asks Putin what to order. Putin says, “Just do what I do.”

As funny as these jokes have been in recent weeks the crime of telling one is an invitation to be poisoned or meet thugs in an alley.

How many ex-KGB thugs does it take to sabotage the chance of freedom in Ukraine? We will have to wait and see.

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