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Regional Hatred Healthy

Although it gets a lot of bad press regional hostility can be quite productive. For one thing it clearly defines a common enemy and allows for families and villages to pull together without a lot of petty bickering among the leaders, anxiety about pecking order and passive aggressive distrust of neighbors. A tranquil village is a happy village and all without therapeutic drugs.

Regional hatred also promotes the creation of many high-performance cells of ex-patriots and gifted assassins in places like Paris and New York. Without bigotry and anger many of these people might be stuck in their crummy villages without the slightest chance to see the world. It is in this way that antagonistic cultures can export thoughts and philosophies while not showing poker hands back home.

Perhaps the most important advantage to be gained from the ethnic and racial hatred is in the field of culinary art. Clannish and ethnic elitism is partly responsible for most of the regional cuisines in a place like China, for instance. How do you think the distinction between Hunan and Szechwan came about? What about Italian food or Soul Food? Why is Cajun food so expensive?

This is not to imply that ethnic hostilities always result in better groceries. Despite all the problems they have created over the years the British, somehow, were not blessed with a cuisines of their own, so they stole one from the Irish.

Another benefit of regional hatred comes in the from of a boon to the flag business. The more different warring factions in the field the more flags are sold. In 2017 alone some 137,000 flags were manufactured

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