“Our Dirt Smells Even Better Under Eight Feet of Snow”

Crested Butte Soil Quality- Phase Two

Acknowledging that it would be next to impossible to prove that the scent of the earth’s crust is superior in Crested Butte, advocates of this phenomenon say it may help explain the unbridled popularity of the town with second homeowners.

(Gothic) Last summer a popular mountain biking promotional claimed that the dirt in Crested Butte smelled better than other dirt found elsewhere. The tongue-in-cheek announcement created a few laughs and shed some positive light on the sense of humor within the community.

Does Crested Butte dirt smell better even under all the snow?

Despite the fact that other locales expressed cynicism and that an accepted measure for determining dirt aroma is not available, the originators of this olfactive declaration are standing fast on stunning dirt fragrances.

“We’re on board with great smelling dirt under the snow,” said one copywriter involved in the original statement. “It just makes sense.”

“If I was going to drop $500,000 on a house I only used for two months per year I’d damn sure want to know the dirt smelled better than in Vail or Aspen,” said one local jokester.

-Small Mouth Bess

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